Sports Live Streaming by HashtagCapture

Streaming live sports has grown in popularity over the past few years. HashtagCapture provides you to bring a worldwide audience to your club and sport! You’ll be able to create HD streams that can be seen by fans both locally and all over the world! What better way to build a fanbase then to give them access to every minute of every game!

Capture, produce and live stream sporting events with multiple camera angles and instant replay. India and sports are two entities that go hand in hand. Cricket has been India‚Äôs most revered sport for the past few decades and this game of a bat and a ball enjoys mass following and adoration. Along with that, comes Kabaddi the age-old sport that has taken over the world yet again, everyone’s favorite football and many other sporting events. Keeping the love for sports in mind, many live sports streaming services have taken shape and are providing sporting event webcasts and live sports streaming in HD quality.

Features we provide in Sports live streaming

  1. Live Score Board

2. Replay System

3. Live promotion & Display Ads

4. Tournaments will be available lifetime on social media

5. Get complete match recorded & highlights edited

6. Two-way Interaction & big screen at venue showing virtual guests.

7. Online Ticketing Feature for virtual guests for attending private streaming

8. E-Invites for virtual Guests

We provide sports live streaming service to all sports venues, arena & grounds across India.

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