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Virtual Conference

& Exhibition

Online Seminars/ Training / Workshops/ Conferences

A complete Virtual Event that allows you to host your Exhibition, Conference, or Summit virtually with ease to everyone. With the technology & internet, we can upgrade our traditional meetings into more advanced, where we can organize events and invite virtual guests from all across globe.

Hybrid Event

Virtual + Physical

A hybrid event is a tradeshow, conference, unconference, seminar, workshop, or another meeting that combines a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component. Internal & External hybrid events are programs that are held to benefit your company’s internal stakeholders, including employees, leadership, staff, etc. This is where hybrid events come into play. Pick a venue for your event, like your company’s headquarters, and then live stream the meeting to the rest of your company..

Webinars & Video


Webinars / Virtual Trade Shows/ Virtual Summits

A complete solution for Virtual meetings, seminars, webinars, and educational meetups. The Virtual Summit is one of today’s most effective digital lead generation tools. A virtual summit is a type of collaborative online event in which speakers are interviewed by a host. It’s like an online conference with a collection of online presentations from 6 to 30+ experts on a topic

Virtual Social


Networking / Holiday/ Offsite meeting/ Team building/ Promotions & Incentives Online Music Concerts & Shows/ Podcasts & Talk shows

An incentive event, also sometimes known as an incentive program or incentive trip, is a planned event or trip that is used to encourage people to achieve a specific business goal. Another benefit of live streaming is that it recreates the normal gig or concert experience for your audience, as they are watching you perform in real time. Livestreaming also gives you more chance to talk to and connect with your audience, either by responding live to comments, or replying to them afterwards.. 

Virtual Business


Product Launching / Expo / Networking / AGM

Virtual AGM overcomes various difficulties like distance, disability, and isolation which are not met in in-person annual general meetings. Live streaming and webcasting of virtual AGM are accessible to your viewers online at the same time. A virtual product launch event enables you to manage and extend the exposure of a new product or service to a global audience in a content-rich online event and in a time and cost-efficient way.

Virtual Wedding

Live Wedding / Virtual Wedding & other Social Events

While couples focus on getting married, their guests are able to join the wedding virtually, socialize, as well as send messages, pictures, and gifts for the couple! Safe events for everyone. We provide delivery of meal & gift for the virtual guest on the date of the event, make your virtual guest as important as venue guest & also give out favor gift anywhere across India. 

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Events Executed

Including Social and Corporate Events


Memories Captured

Captured and delivered thousands of memories to our happy customers.



More than 20 Happy Customers



Provided services in more than 50 Cities in India



Helped customers to get more than 5 quality services for capturing their events.


years of

Our team have more than 10 years of industry experience.



Virtual Event Venue

HashtagCapture gives a one-stop solution for all your virtual event venue space. We provide beyond the market limits of virtual venue experience with cost-effective. Choose your customized venue for your various event requirement effortlessly. Our virtual assistance will guide your guest towards the venue and deliver you the smooth functioning of the event.

Integration with Multiple Communication Channels

WhatsApp, SMS, Mail, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and flexible to integrate the channel of your choice apart from our list.

Integration with Multi Webinar Platforms

Choose our custom branded Video Meeting Platform or use your chosen platform. We provide Seamless Integration with all Popular Service Providers- Zoom, WebEx, Teams, Meetings

Digital & Pop-Up Studio

We design you a world-class digital production studio for the smooth functioning of the event. Live streaming with 4k HD video camera, green screen which helps you in customized theme background, studio essentials like lighting, audio system, and other accessories backing with a professional team who aims to run your event successfull.

Recording & Download-Free Branded Webinars & Virtual Meetings

Before we host the event we plan with the organizer and understand the goal of the event and our professional team executes according to the plan.  The complete event is recorded with high-quality video editing software, which is also able to download & save on demand. We also share the video live to the world saved forever on social media

Multiple Location Events

We Set up your Virtual event and launch it in different cities or countries with just a click of a button.  We provide the seamless advanced multi-location streaming platform with breakless quality of the video giving user/guest a complete visual experience of the event.

Live Streaming & Two-way interaction

We are India’s best & largest service provider for events live streaming and providing a promising video quality experience. Capturing events for a decade with superior quality video production and giving users a high-class resolution live video experience

E-Invitation & Ticketing

We also provide an E-Invite facility for our organizers and clients to have a maximum audience event reach. Invite guests with text, video & picture options at one click to a maximum number. If the organizer willing to charge on event entry we provide an event pass and an online ticket booking system.

Automation & personalization

HashtagCapture provides complete automation & personalization of virtual event platform. We provide the best conferencing tool which allows you to add lobbies, exhibition halls, auditoriums, theatres, etc. These features create a truly unique experience that simulates the experience of a real physical event in the virtual space.


Our softwares support seamless integration with popular service providers






Microsoft Teams


Facebook Live


Google Meetings


Facebook Messenger



youtube (2)

Youtube Live


Amol Tukaram
Amazing people's loved working with them they did thier job in a professional responsible way felt like family

— Amol Tukaram


I had booked photography, Videography & best service part is live streaming
all these services were delivered with excellent quality,
I would really like to refer to my friends & family!

Thanks, HashtagCapture



Pranay Deshmukh
Greatful work. We want to say thanks for all hashtag team. They do amazing work.
Also helpful for all the Indian people's.
God bless you all hashtag team and keep growing.
Thank you.

— Pranay Deshmukh


Aarti Pandhare
😍 Great work by HashtagCapture team. Memories are still ALive 😉

— Aarti Pandhare